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Oliver Briggs FRSA

I am a secondary art and photography teacher, RSA Fellow and I am currently studying the MA Artist Teacher & Contemporary Practice at Goldsmiths University. Last year I founded Arts Education Exchange as a direct response to the continued cuts, public pressure on schools and the subsequent marginalisation of the arts in mainstream education. Through ArtsEdX I have been able to extend my practice and research around working with disadvantaged groups through the arts and respond to local issues that young people face in Thanet, where I live. I am interested in the potential of creative learning to produce an alternative body of knowledge gained through communal activity and shared experiences in order to challenge inequalities, social disparity and to expand our understanding of one another.

How we make visible the relational experience of human interaction and forge new meaningful bonds as well and facilitating agency through the process of making is a leading motivation for my work. This is underpinned by a broad analysis of the purpose of art education and the role of art in society.

I work across creative disciplines including visual arts, video, music and photography. I have led workshops for teachers and young people as well as initiating various projects here and overseas.

I graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2005 where I studied Drawing and Fine Art. Since then I have trained as an art teacher at Goldsmiths University and I currently teach Art and Photography at a secondary school in Kent.

BA Drawing (UAL)
PGCE Art & DEsign (Goldsmiths)
MA Artist Teacher/Contemporary Practice (Goldsmiths/current)

Twitter: @obrigo1
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