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Recently, I have been drawn to the items of rubbish, mainly plastic
bags, that are caught in bushes and trees along the walks I take around
Margate. They are in abundance. In the wind they look sculptural and the
colours stand out, unnatural on the landscape. I began to imagine the
journey these items were on, where they had been, what function they
served and now, snagged by the landscape, helpless and useless. An item once indistinguisable from millions of others, mass produced, now considered in a new context and taking on a new form. The more
I looked the more I thought about them as symbols for consumer
mentality, out of sight-out of mind, the abandoned consciousness never
to decompose, a functionless, wasted material. My intention is to make these objects and issues visible.

Every 'snagged' item is photographed and removed from the landscape and appropriately disposed/recycled and blogged: