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Action It is an art activist project working with young people to raise awareness of social and political issues. Action It activates cultural learning prominently through lens based media. The project explores the possibilities of using this medium to connect with young people. The project has culminated in a video exchange between two schools (London and Kakamega, Kenya), short documentaries and a music video. A cross disciplinary approach to projects, including music, video and photography aims to encourage civil participation.

Short video documentary made during a visit to RUSH Academy in Kakamega. My aim with this video was to explore the differences in our education systems and to see what we can learn from each other. The video was primarily used to show students to give insight into a contrasting culture as well and being used in a fundraising campaign.

RUSH, Kenya. from Mr Briggs on Vimeo.

We Are One
Written and recorded by students at Archbishop Tenison's CE High School in support of RUSH UK

'We Are One' trailer from Mr Briggs on Vimeo.

We Are One...COMING SOON!!! from Mr Briggs on Vimeo.

Refugee Demo: A short piece made to be used in school to inform and generate discussion around the refugee crisis.

Syrian Refugee Demonstration, London September 2015 from Mr Briggs on Vimeo.