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'My Margate' is An Arts Council funded project in collaboration with Turner Contemporary and Quarterdeck Youth Centre, Margate. The project aims to engage young people with their identity situated in Margate. Six boys from the Roma community have signed up and their voices will be manifest in the artwork they make. Photography and video are the mediums used to record experience and allow a sense of belonging to emerge through the process of making.This blog is a pedagogical notebook, which aims to critically analyse practice and reflect on events to inform decisions and connect to related therory. John Dewey (constructivist), Joseph Beuys (social sculpture) and Paulo Freire (education for political liberation) have been influential in constructing a framework with which to conduct this practice based research project and work towards the goal of liberatory education for marginalised youth.


Young Brothers - 'Rise Up' (music video) from Arts Education Exchange on Vimeo.